Canary Updates Cameras with AI Powered ‘Person Alerts’

The folks over at Canary make good smart home cameras with decent specifications and useful features, especially if you’re on their paid plan. In fact, the company ran into a bit of a rough patch with its users when they downgraded free users to a very restrictive experience (read, very short recordings and important features scaled down) a decision that drew a lot of flak. Canary had to quickly release a statement saying they would still maintain some of the features “on a 24 hour timeline”.

Despite the troubles the company has had in terms of agitated customers, Canary has been working on new features to upgrade their cameras to use advanced technology to intelligently detect movement. The main feature here is called ‘Person Alerts’ and upgrades your Canary camera with the ability to tell if any detected motion was caused by a human or not, which is a great addition to any smart home camera. You can find more details about this on their blog in the link at the end of this story.

The reason why this technology is important is simple – Person Alerts will be completely powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence using on-device and cloud processing, meaning the devices will be able to detect motion more accurately. Canary has claimed that users of the Canary All-in-One and the Canary Flex smart cameras will be notified to inform them if any movement was caused by a human. These notifications will be sent out instantaneously as soon as motion is detected and we can’t wait to test it out as soon as the update hits our device.

Person Alerts will be available to both free and paid users, which according to many is a way for Canary to placate users that might still be upset over the aforementioned decision to move many features to the paid tier. Either way, we’re not complaining – the new features more than make up for them and the combination of these improvements with the 10 second video recording is a great way to ensure an optimal use of resources and efficient power usage.

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The company calls these new capabilities ‘Canary Vision’ and says that they will be rolling out to the Canary Flex and the Canary All-in-One Camera systems over the coming weeks. We would estimate that a staged rollout would require about a month or two to trickle down to all users. You can continue to use your device(s) as usual and the firmware update (v.3.0.0) will install itself without any other interaction, according to Canary.

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