[Heads Up] Amazon Slashes Prices of Four Echo Devices

The holiday season has not yet ended for those who are looking to purchase a smart speaker for their home. Amazon is currently running discounts for some of their smart assistants. There are other smart speakers that also have discounts running right now, but picking a speaker made by Amazon definitely has its advantages.

Echo Dot Echo (2nd Gen) Echo Spot Echo Show
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  • Affordable Price
  • Compact Size, Yet Feature Packed
  • Great Gifting Idea
  • Dolby Audio Enhancements
  • Far Field Microphone Technology
  • Excellent Bedside Alarm Clock
  • Audio/Video Calling
  • Monitor Smart Camera Feeds
  • Large and Clear Display
  • Audio/Video Calling
  • Monitor Smart Camera Feeds

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For starters, picking a device like the Amazon Echo Dot over an option like the Eufy Genie Smart Speaker (which is heavily discounted itself) is the limitations on voice commands while music streaming or the permanent wake word that limits you to “Alexa” (Computer and Echo are our personal favorites) along with the missing Echo Spatial Perception that allows only the nearest smart speaker running that supports Alexa to answer your voice. The last feature is especially important if you live in a home with multiple smart speakers and you don’t want all of them waking up with a single command.

There are other benefits to picking an Alexa device, like the ability to control your smart home with your voice, setting an alarm when you want to cook or bake – or ordering a pizza when you’re too tired. You can also ask Alexa to check your agenda for you and notify of upcoming events, which is extremely useful if you don’t like checking your phone constantly or you’re like me, with my phone never around me when I need to check it.

You can also access Alexa’s skills which includes partnering brands like Uber, ESPN, Pandora, Spotify, Bloomberg, Domino’s, CNN, and several others that allow seamless integration into their services like having a video news bulletin for you if you use devices with a display. The Echo Spot and the Echo Show are great devices that are discounted at $114.99 from $130 and $179.99 from $230 respectively.

Amazon’s best selling smart speaker, the 2nd generation Echo Dot has also received a price cut at $39.99 down from $50. We’ve reviewed the device and found it was one of the best devices to get started with home automation. They also make very price effective gifts for relatives, especially if they’re elderly as Echo devices have proven to make great companions, unlike a certain competitor – yeah, we’re looking at you, Google Home.

Another device that is also discounted is the second generation Amazon Echo with improved audio quality that is enhanced by Dolby processing. The device is also capable of filling a room with 360-degree omnidirectional audio, which is a massive upgrade over the audio of the original Echo device. The device is currently on sale at $84.99 down from $100, which is reason enough to pick what is already an extremely value-for-money product.

Amazon hasn’t specified when these devices will go off sale, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence and you’re considering an Echo device – there’s no time like the present to invest in one! Amazon has definitely made sure there’s a device for every budget so whether you pick the Echo Dot or the Echo Show, you can be sure that you’ll have the same, easy-to-use Alexa experience across all the models that are currently discounted.

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