TiVo Gains IFTTT Support, Brings Alexa and Assistant Smarts to DVR

If you’ve been following the massive amount of interest that the rivalry between Google and Amazon generated at this year’s CES, you’ll know that they completely dominated smart home, home automation and voice assistants stage. It doesn’t take an expert to deduce the fact that these two companies will be vying with each other to integrate their assistants into every product that is capable of supporting them.

TiVo is the latest company to include support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Since they don’t have a direct point of contact with these assistants, they will make use of the very useful IFTTT support that has been added very recently. If you read that your DVR/Set-top box just gained voice controls via an advanced automation service on the internet and just rubbed your eyes – we don’t blame you!David Shoop, Director of Product Innovation at TiVo @ homesmartlife.com

David Shoop, Director of Product Innovation at TiVo walks users through a demo of the benefits that TiVo users will gain with support for IFTTT, Alexa and Google Assistant.

While the company is no stranger to voice control features – their products like the TiVo BOLT VOX and the TiVo Mini VOX paired with the TiVo VOX Remote allowed you to ask for a personalized recommendation. Asking a simple question like “What should I watch today?” can help you discover a brand new show, based on just your viewing habits. However, this new integration is important because it adds the power of automation to your routine – in addition to great voice control.

If you use your TiVo regularly, you’ll be glad to know that support for IFTTT will let you automate your TV sessions. If your favorite team has an important game coming up, you can set it to start showing ESPN before you reach home so you can jump right in the moment you get home. You can also have it pause the moment the doorbell rings, so you don’t have to think twice about missing a second of those soulful singles on The Voice.

You will also be able to access an Amazon skill and a Google Assistant Action. Now you can use your voice to find your TiVo remote. You can also get a notification when your kids try to turn off Parental Mode and keep a track of which shows you’ve been watching over a period of time – letting you know how much time you spend in front of the TV. You can watch the video that TiVo shared that shows the Director of Product Innovation, David Shoop attempting to explain this integration.

Now that the IFTTT channel for TiVo is active, you can begin to add applets and activate them to get started with using them. As of now, you can ask Alexa or Assistant to find your remote, or automatically trigger SkipMode to skip ads in a few shows. You can also, set up an applet that emails you whenever TiVo adds a new trigger or action. The last one will come in handy, because if Shoop’s video and blog post are to be believed, TiVo is very serious about giving their DVR boxes some serious smarts!

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